‘How to Speak Hip’ - Mercury Records 1959

Via wikipedia How to Speak Hip was a comedy album by Del Close and John Brent, released by Mercury Records in 1959. The album presents itself as a didactic tool to be used by the listener to learn the secret language of the 'hipster'. As a parody of language-learning tools, the album presents a course in 'hip'. Basic concepts such as "cool" and "uncool" are taught, as well as vocabulary building ("dig", "dig it", "dig yourself, baby", "dig the chick", "dig the cat", "What a drag!"). Social notes are presented as for many language courses, and later in the album, the teacher (Close) is taken on field trips into the secret life of the hipster (Brent). However, the hipster rebels against participating in the teaching tool, leading to a humorously compromised teaching style.

The album itself was illustrated throughout. The woodcuts used as illustrations on the LP were stolen from Del's Chicago apartment in the 1980s.

Brian Wilson can be heard fondly mentioning this album in the box set The Pet Sounds Sessions during the highlights of the recording sessions of the album on "Hang on to your Ego" take 2 on Pet Sounds; a full working title for the album's track "Let's Go Away For Awhile" was "Let's Go Away For Awhile (And Then We'll Have World Peace)," the parenthetical being an allusion to the album.

Listen to the album > http://audio.skeyelab.com/howtospeakhip/

Eric Fraser (1902 - 1983)

Images taken from the book Eric Fraser designer and illustrator: http://amzn.to/eYM8rM 

from wikipedia: Eric George Fraser (June 11, 1902 – November 15, 1983) was one of the foremost British illustrators and graphic artists of his time, famous in the public mind for his regular contributions to the Radio Times, and as the creator in 1931 of 'Mr Therm' in adverts for the Gas, Light and Coke Company.



Illustrations by Don Weller

1. Cover for Communication Arts Illustration 30

2. Cover art for Angel Records

3. Illustration for Simpson Paper Company

4. Westways magazine cover

5. Bruce Springsteen

Via Wikipedia: Don Weller is an American illustrator and painter. He did covers for Time Magazine, TV Guide and illustrated stories in Sports Illustrated, Boys' Life, Pro, and Readers Digest. He also designed posters for the NFL, The Rose Bowl, and 1984 L.A. Olympics. He has also taught at UCLA and The Art Center in Pasadena. He currently lives in a farm in Utah, with his wife and their animals, where he paints pictures of cowboys and related subjects and breeding and competing cutting horses.